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 Introducing Indie
Indie located in Fort Smith at 523 Garrison Avenue SMLXL

  523 Garrison Avenue Fort Smith, AR
Q: What is Indie?
A: Indie is a downtown boutique opened by two sisters specializing in clothing, shoes, hats and seasonal items. The boutique’s sales the top notch brands: Kendra Scott, Charlie Southern Tees, Wild Child Revival, and Friday Saturday. The name “Indie” was chosen for the clothing boutique because the adjective originated for the word “independent” and symbolizes originality and forward-thinking.


Q: Where is Indie located?
A: Indie is located at 523 Garrison Avenue in Downtown Fort Smith next door to Sacred Grounds Coffee House! The store has recently been moved and upgraded from Rogers Avenue to Downtown last spring! The new vibrant location has only been open for a few months and the owners are loving the atmosphere. The windows provide openness along with sneak peeks for the walkers and drivers strolling down Garrison Avenue. Also, customers have the option to shop online at www.shopwithindie.com

Inside Indie located at 523 Garrison Avenue SMLXL

Q: Who’s in charge?
A: The flamboyant Indie sisters, Constance and Naomi, own the clothing boutique. Constance, 24 years old, graduated from the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith in 2014 with a Bachelors in Media Communications. She loves tops and dresses bringing her girly aspects to the boutique. Naomi, 21 years old, is currently a student at the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith. She loves edgy and graphic tees bringing her spunk to the boutique. Together you get the perfect balance of sweet and sour mixed in one clothing store.
Q: Why did the sisters open a boutique?
A: Constance and Naomi’s interest in clothes began as young girls due to the fact that their mother was a seamstress. The sisters got to experience first hand seeing clothing being made and altered; moreover, exposing them early to their passions for fashion. As the sisters grew up, Constance decided to work in retail. After consistently working for corporates such as Dillard’s, she realized she wanted a more personal experience with retailers and shoppers. Soon came a wonderful opportunity to begin their own clothing business, and the fashionista sisters Constance and Naomi pounced.
Constance Elmore, co-owner of Indie organizing a clothing rack SMLXL

Q: When is Indie open?
A: Indie, the clothing boutique, is open Tuesday through Friday for 10 AM to 6 PM and Saturday 10 AM to 4 PM. Also, through the website, you can shop online at www.shopwithindie.com
Follow Indie on social media apps and websites to keep up with flash sales, restocks, and discounts!
Snapchat – shopwithindie
Q: Indie’s Events?
A: Indie has partnered with Sacred Grounds, LRM RiverValley Marketing, and Parents of UAFS to present Sacred Grounds Inaugural Art Show on the 12th of November. Last but not least, Indie will be holding their own Fashion Show displaying their new lines of clothing, dates coming soon…
It’s time to mark your calendars!