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LRM RiverValley Marketing is a local marketing agency, which focuses on small to medium-sized businesses and start-ups. LRM was founded in April of 2016, by Lara and Ryan Millican. Ryan brings experience in management, business development and planning, and a degree in Organizational Leadership, from UA Fort Smith. Ryan also has education in project management, planning and budgeting, and education and development. Lara brings education in traditional marketing and theories, as well as sales experience. Together these two hope to help grow the small business community in the River Valley Region of Arkansas.

LRM was started with the idea of creating a marketing agency that the local business community could use, without paying the high agency prices. Lara and Ryan strive to be the best for their clients and do everything they can to help those businesses grow.

Why would you need a marketing agency? Simple, for small businesses it could easily cost less to outsource, instead of hiring a full-time, or even part-time, employee to manage everything an agency can do.

Social Media Marketing

Engagement is the ultimate goal of Social Media. So many think it’s all about putting up the right post, using the right image, or hashtags. It’s so much more than that! We help you understand those differences. 

Brand Identity

A brand is so much more than just a logo. It’s your voice, your tone, what you post, the font you use, the colors you use. We work with you to convey all this to your potential customers. 

Content Marketing

Content is KING. You can have one of the most beautiful websites out there, but if you have nothing on there, it’s worthless. What information is on your website? How is it delivered? Content is so much more than just a blog or newsletter. It’s a YouTube Channel, your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram page, it’s the words you put on your website, and so much more. 

Graphic Design Services

Whether it be business cards, flyers, brochures, catalogs, magazines, or any other printed, or digital, marketing collateral. We can help you here. 

Web Design

Websites are more than just a space on the internet with a bunch of words and pictures. It’s part of your company’s identity, the message you send to your customers. We can create a beautiful and functional website for your company. 

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO can often be the most overlooked part of your website. It’s one thing to make the website, but it’s something totally different to get your business found. This is an area where we can help. Give us a call for a free evaluation. 

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Wondering if you can afford an agency? Check out our video below. 

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Fearless Leaeders

Meet our founders. In 2016, they had a dream to help small business with their marketing needs. Whether that be a new website, help with Social Media, SEO, and so many other things. 

Ryan Millican

Ryan Millican

CEO/Graphic Designer

Lara Millican

Lara Millican

Chief Marketing Officer

Want More Information? Reach Out To Us!

our Work

Check out some more examples of our client work.

Reid Maddox LMT

Reid Maddox is a Licensed Massage Therapist, with over 20 years of experience, in Fort Smith, AR. He works with clients from all works of life. What we did with Reid was redo his website and make it more mobile friendly, as well as take over hosting.







Chaffee Pizza- Website

Chaffee Pizza is a locally owned pizza restaurant located in Fort Smith, AR, just outside of the Chaffee Crossing District. They are one of the only brick oven style pizzerias in Fort Smith. What we did for them was create a brand new website to showcase some of their amazing products.




Saint James Missionary Baptist Church-Website

Saint James Missionary Baptist Church has been a part of Fort Smith since 1893. They are a community-minded church that welcomes people from all walks of life. What we did was redesign their website to meet their brand needs, make it more mobile friendly, and keep their integrity intact.



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