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Away With The Old, In With The New!!

Over the last few weeks we have been working on rebranding ourselves, no, we won’t be changing the LRM RiverValley Marketing name, although we have thought about just changing it to LRM RiverValley, but that might in the works for later in the future.  No, we are working on a new logo and a new website, which will launch…..around October 18th, give or take a day, after some much needed and grateful insight from a couple of our new friends, over at the Richland Group.  While they didn’t design the website for us, we are looking into a partnership type relationship with them, and any clients we get that need a website, we know where to send them first.  The logo is a different story,  after the diamond and LRM1 design, which I oversaw,  Lara has taken full reign over coming up with a new, alongside an up and coming new graphic artist, Inkd By Joy.  This new logo is going to be a surprise, even to me.
We have quite a few things going on now, and it’s time for us, LRM, to grow up a little bit more.  Fort Smith and Downtown are changing, we want to stay right there with that change.  We’re grateful for all the acquaintances and friends we have made here recently, and honestly, we wouldn’t even be close to where we are now, or even where we want to be, without them.  There are too many of them to name, otherwise, we would, but if you have ever dealt with us in any shape, form, or fashion, you know who you are.
Last thing here, then I’ll shut up, maybe…….when we started this company back around March, we had the vision to work with other entrepreneurs and small business owners, and that is still a vision that we keep to this day.  While I may not have a formal education in marketing, advertising, sales, graphic design, and many many more areas,  I still do not like to give up on a dream, and so that’s where we go from here………