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Business Blogging: Better Branding Now!

Business Blogging: Better Branding Now!

In the past, blogs were used primarily for self-expression. They often resembled a public diary, documenting anything from daily occurrences, hobbies, and travel excursions. Since then, they have found a niche in professional settings, hosting online portfolios 
and periodicals, as well as maintaining a line of communication for larger businesses and corporations to their communities.
In a similar sense, blogs have assumed an important role within the marketing network. However, in order to utilize business blogging to further enhance your brand, one must first understand content marketing. Put simply, it is the usage of curated content to appeal to a target audience. This, in turn, can drive hits toward the given site. And that’s what it’s all about, right? 

Content Creation

We’ve been tossing around the word “content”, which is a broad term, but for our purposes, it’s better to generalize. Content is vital to your marketing campaign, whatever it may be because it is the illustration of your brand’s…brand. This includes employing social media marketing, SEO, and PR strategies to drive a trip to the site and possibly result in new clientele. For you, this may be profitable!  

Creating content can be challenging at times, but keep in mind that websites and tools are only a click away: 



  • Hubspot Blog Topic Generator: Generates topics based on a given subject 
  • Google Trends: Displays popular topics in the field of interest, paired with real-time data 
  • BuzzSumo: Illustrates a trending topic’s performance on various social media platforms

Working with these tools and doing a bit of research, you too can stand out against competitors. Provided here is a quick introduction to content marketing to get started!

Why Bother Blogging?

The benefits of blogging are countless, but one of the primary perks is the opportunity it provides to take control. It allows the person or persons to illustrate brand awareness and give insight into the sorts of values held by the company, as well as showcase expertise. Blogging is deliberate in its nature because it is composition heavy, but it does everything but holds you down. 

Business blogging sets the tone for the sort of work you are able to produce and humanizes the brand or company because it’s sometimes easy to forget that there’s a person behind the operation. Keep in mind, blogging also creates an open forum for discussion, which allows for meaningful interaction with the audience. Clearly, interactions obtained from blogs are different than those gathered from the comment section on a Facebook post. While both have their benefits, blogs are better for establishing a voice for your brand. This is especially important to those in the grassroots stage, but also small and local businesses. 

Writing is the Worst… Just Kidding!

Blogging can be difficult at times because it requires research and some writing acumen. However, if writing isn’t your strong suit, here are some resources to make your life easier: 


GoogleDocs: FREE collaborative word processor with real-time editing

Grammarly: FREE grammar checker app 

PurdueOwl: FREE editing, formatting, and citation style guide

Hemingway Editor: FREE readability assessment 


In reference to blogs, remember the frequency of posts is not the primary focus. That is important because it allows the reader to see that the website is being actively maintained, but don’t let the quality of the content suffer because of the pressure to produce. 

Good luck with your blogging journey and if you need any help, contact us at info@lrmrivervalleymarketing.com. We’ll set you up with a consultation to discuss your needs!   


Cherokee Tenario


Originally from Gore, Oklahoma, Cherokee Dawn Tenario graduated from the University of Arkansas-Fort Smith with a BA in Rhetoric and Writing and an English minor in 2019. She enjoys black coffee, podcasts, comic books, and trying new recipes. Her future plans include owning a dog, visiting Wrigley Field, and possibly continuing her education in Cultural Studies or Public Relations.