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by | Aug 31, 2020 | Business

Guest blogger Karee Nation is the owner of Salty Buns as well as the creative mind behind the Facebook group The Creative Nest Collective
So, I’m sure you’ve heard the word “aesthetic” being tossed around like confetti for the past few years by the trending Insta crowd. In reality, this is not a new concept at all, but the way companies use it has greatly been developed and refined during the past decade or so. With the rise of heavily visual-based social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook, companies have had to really tap in to the immediate “feel” associated with their brand. Consumer habits have really shifted toward digital purchasing options this calendar year due to quarantine, but that method of shopping has shown a very steady increase since the early aughts. Although the instances of online purchases may level out as life returns to a more normal feel, the impact of your online brand recognition will only help you to keep sales balanced—-and potentially growing at that.
Where do we start? Well, let’s look at the very basic bones of what “brand aesthetic” encompasses:
• color palette (brand colors)
• lifestyle / interests
• values / beliefs
• sense of humor
• appeal to self image
• language
A 2017 study over the consumer behaviors associated with the psychology of color found that color palette influences 85% of purchasing decisions.
Color is the single most important aspect of your aesthetic. It provides the foundation and framework for your entire brand. Starting with a specific color palette and sticking to it will keep your ads, promos, IG, Facebook, etc feeling cohesive and intentional.
There are other major factors that affect aesthetic as well. Think of a stick figure sunshine drawing. Color is the middle circle. The other factors are the rays extending from the circle. They are all directly influenced by your color palette and include:
• “vibe” (lifestyle, over all feel)
• language / communication style / humor
• fonts / flourishes / visual elements
• values
• hobbies / interests
After you find your color palette, I have found it to be helpful to create what I like to call a Brand Archetype.
What the hell is that?
A brand archetype is a figural representation of your company. A mascot basically. I created my ideal client demographic by using a mood board. On that board I attached what I wanted her style to look like, what her home would look like, what her hobbies and interests would be, and surmised about her philosophical outlook on life.
I then used my archetype as a springboard for future product development. Would these fabrics / metals / slogans fit into her lifestyle? How would she react to and interact with these items? What would she be doing / where would she be going dressed in these items?
Or. That’s the process that has helped keep me on track anyway. Developing aesthetic can be very time consuming, and trust me it’s worth every minute you spend on refining it. It may take you days or weeks to define your brand feel. You may decide at some point that the aesthetic has deviated from your ideas or that it no longer appeals to your demographic.
That’s ok! It’s not permanent! You can change it as you change. It’s important because that helps your brand feeling authentic. As you grow and change and learn, your company / brand / products will as well.
I’m attaching some more in-depth articles below if you’d like to dive a little deeper.
Good luck on your creative ventures babes. And thank you for sharing your makes and stories with us.
Xo, Kar
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