Fianna Hills Consignment has been around since October of 2003. Sheryl Carter opened the store with her mom at the bottom of Fianna Hills and grew out of the location in two years. Sheryl has a degree in Business Administration, has five daughters, and has been really involved in both exchange student organizations and foster care. She has provided a temporary home for over 26 children!

One thing you know if you’ve ever cosigned at Fianna Hills, you’re treated like family! The store sees 200-300 new items in a single day! The store’s motto is “We’re picky about what you wear”, items coming in are in near-perfect condition and are brands that are known for quality. Shoppers come from all over the area, and even out of state. There are even people that come down regularly from Northwest Arkansas that have been shopping at Fianna since they first opened.

Fianna Hills Consignment doesn’t just take care of their cosigners though. They have a handful of mission accounts like The CALL, Hope Rising, and Alpha International Ministries (AIM), to name a few. When there are clothes brought in that won’t go out on the floor and the cosigner doesn’t want back, a local church comes to pick them up and donate them to those in need.

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