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How to Build a Strong Foundation for Your Post-COVID Business

How to Build a Strong Foundation for Your Post-COVID Business

Economists are expecting (and indeed, already starting to see) a boost in new businesses following COVID-19. Vaccination rates are going up; COVID-19 cases are going down; and areas all over the country are loosening restrictions. Since many businesses shut down during the pandemic, there’s space in the market for entrepreneurship. 

If you’re interested in taking advantage of that space, remember: You’re not alone. It’s important to give your business attempt a strong foundation in order to survive long enough to come out ahead of the pack. Here are some tips from LRM RiverValley Marketing for how you can give your business the best start: 

Use Accessible, Multi-Functional Tools 

One of the first and most important steps you can take is to ensure you have the best possible tools for keeping your business going. Take, for example, your payroll app. Using a program that only works on your computer is bound to hold you back. You never know when you’ll need to access information while you’re on the go. If you want to learn how to process payroll from a mobile phone, focus on finding a cross-platform app that integrates payroll, scheduling, and tax services so you can keep all of that info in a single, easily accessible location. 

Build Your Digital Presence From the Start 

We’re past the point when we could pretend that a strong digital presence was optional for businesses. Any business that enters the market in this era needs to have a functional website, active social media, and content that works for clients and marketing needs alike. 

If you don’t know how to manage these things on your own, it could make sense to consult a marketing agency like LRM RiverValley Marketing. They can help you define your brand, come up with a strategy, and execute that plan effectively. 

Value Your Downtime 

Finally, it’s important for you to remember to take breaks when you can. Business owners naturally work more hours than their traditionally employed peers – it’s basically unavoidable. However, they can easily make the mistake of running themselves into the ground if they’re not careful. That’s why business owners are susceptible to burnout

If your own continued mental wellbeing isn’t enough to convince you, remember that burnout hurts your bottom line – in both your business and personal life. If you’re unable to run at your best, your business will suffer as a result. Build self-care into your schedule in order to keep yourself – and your business – as healthy as possible. 

We’re likely to see a huge boost in new businesses over the next several months, but these early decisions will define who fades and who sticks around. We hope these tips help you figure out how to give your business the best start so you can last for the long haul. 

Looking for more insight into how strong marketing can set your business up for success? Contact LRM RiverValley Marketing today! 

Photo Credit: Pexels

Written by: Chelsea Lamb from Business Pop