One of the first things I ask people is where they’re from. When Dr. Phillip McClure (or Dr. Phil as we’ve been calling him here recently) answers this question, the Johnny Cash song “I’ve Been Everywhere” pops in my head. Now Phillip hasn’t lived everywhere, but he was born in Kentucky, moved to Minnesota, then Arkansas in ‘93 and finally settled in Fort Smith in 2002 when he came to serve at Grace Community Church.

Dr. McClure was in vocational ministry for 31 years before starting his own venture with McClure Professional Services. During his time as a pastor, he continually did soft skills training and was eventually asked to bring these training to the marketplace. In the fall of 2006, he started to pursue having his own business, but he’s been doing training and retreats for much longer. More recently, in October 2017, Phillip switched from being a full-time pastor and part-time consultant to being a consultant full time. He’s still a pastor part-time over at New Life Church, so if you’re a member there you know exactly who we’re talking about! Dr. McClure stays pretty involved in the community in one form or another. Other than being a pastor, he coached soccer at Ben Geren for a while, was a scout leader for a few years, pretty much anything the kids were doing he got involved with. One of the most significant things he’s been involved with though is being an ambassador for the Fort Smith Chamber. Now, if you have a business and you’re not taking advantage of everything the chamber has to offer, you should be! If Phillip says this has made a difference for his business, it has!


Speaking of Phillip’s business, McClure Professional Services offers speakings, training, interactive events and retreats. If you think “team building” you’re thinking of Phillip. If you’ve ever been to a Leadership Fort Smith retreat, you’ve most likely heard him speak (this is his 13th year!). He’s done retreats in Northwest Arkansas, Russellville, and more. During the end of summer through the fall, Dr. McClure is busy going to schools and working with the teachers. One thing he’s learned since he’s gone to consulting full-time is the unawareness people have for the need of his services. If you think about it, people don’t tend to think about needing team building until their team is already falling apart. But if you have Phillip come in and speak or do retreats regularly, not only will you keep your team running smoothly, you’ll help your team improve and work even better together!

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