Patrick’s Butcher Boy Burgers at Nickel & Dime Diner is the new hidden gem of Downtown Fort Smith. Being shaped as a “traincar,” the restaurant is often assumed to be a decorative building to go along with the whimsical vibe of the park. But the family-owned business is now apart of the West End Park, specifically created in order for families to have some old-fashioned burgers while they enjoyed the pleasures of the small park. The entertaining and loving location is family oriented and it’s an added bonus to getting your food served hot and fresh.
The burger joint’s name originated from the owner’s grandfather, Patrick, who happened to be a butcher. Micah Bubbus, the owner, takes pride in serving fresh his food fresh. Upgrading from a food truck Patrick’s Butcher Boy Burgers grained their own meat and chopped their own vegetables guaranteeing a fresh and delicious meal. Resulting in being named Best Hamburger in the 2016 Times Record readers poll.
The old Nickel & Dime Diner is the first thing you see when you enter Fort Smith from the Garrison Avenue Bridge. The former diner is located inside the park at West End near the Fort Smith Riverfront at 15 N 2nd Street. Look for the Farris Wheel and D*Face’s Unexpected art then you’ll see the diner’s train car. Also, Patrick’s Butcher Boy Burgers is still serving at Green Pointe Shopping Center on Rogers Avenue.
Patrick's Butcher Boy Burgers new location in Downtown Fort Smith SMLXL

West End Park's farris wheel SMLXL


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