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The Pink Ribbon Boutique is a place… “for every woman’s lifestyle.” The idea for the boutique originally began for women experiencing the woes of breast cancer, but now it has items to get you through your day from “dawn to dusk.” They specialize in mastectomy, lymphedema, gifts, care packages, and life accessories making the boutique a safe haven for breast cancer patients and families. The owner is a breast cancer survivor herself understands the sorrows and heartaches that come attached. That’s why the Pink Ribbon Boutique offers a “lending hand in education, surgical preparation, post-surgical garments, and acclamation accessories.”
Ninety percent of Americans are uneducated when it comes to the topic of breast cancer. And, in some cases thought to be “cured” will spread to other sites in the body by metastasis. Having a boutique of this sort is in your area is crucial because one in eight women in the U.S. will develop breast cancer at some point in their lives.
As mentioned earlier, the owner Bev Ramsey is a survivor of the devastating breast cancer. She was diagnosed when her son was six years old and feared she wouldn’t live to see him walk in his high school graduation. At that time she had a lumpectomy and chose no treatment. Three years later Bev had a recurrence then soon received a successful double mastectomy from her surgeon along with 8 chemo treatments and 25 radiations. Defeating the odds she was able to overcome breast cancer, and living to see the days she thought she would never experience and more…
Bev Ramsey purchased the Pink Ribbon Boutique in the month of January of the year 2014. She was inspired to buy the Russellville native business because of her own personal experiences. Bev was asked to be a demonstrative model in a fitting for a Breast Prosthetic vendor. In doing so, she realized that “ladies needed someone who had been there done that.” Also, she noticed locally that there wasn’t much known for women diagnosed with breast cancer and wanted to help make a change in the Fort Smith areas. So not only does she sell breast cancer-oriented items, she supports other small businesses by selling their items in her boutique.
The Pink Ribbon Boutique is located at 601 South 21st Street in Fort Smith, AR. Bev Ramsey moved the business from Russellville, AR to Fort Smith last year having experienced their one year anniversary at their current location on October 1st! The boutique can be reached at the telephone number: (479)242-9277 and their website are to explore more information.
Lip balms, soaps, lotions, and candies sold at the Pink Ribbon Boutique SMLXL

Compression socks and jewelry sold at the Pink Ribbon Boutique SMLXL

Hats and scarfs sold at the Pink Ribbon Boutique SMLXL

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