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Content Creation

With our Fort Smith Content Marketing Company, we can help your business get more traffic to its website, social media pages, or digital/print advertising. The better your content, the better your quantity and quality of traffic you can get. What we do is create content that will build trust, engage your audience, and influence buying decisions. Our services include: developing a strategy, writing, editing, and publishing information to your website or social media, as well as provide any of graphics that you could need. 

Content Marketing

Our Content Work Through The Following Areas:

Blogging, Social Media, Graphic Design, and Email Marketing


We create original content for your website, which also showcases your expertise within your industry. We provide a schedule of blog topics and categories, this way we don’t duplicate content or go the same topic too close together. Of course, it’s also so you can approve and make changes, as needed.

Social Media

Are you one of the many business owners that have trouble coming up with things to post on your social media channels? Do you post regularly, at least 3 times a week? If you answered no, then we can help! We know you’re busy, so let us handle your social media. We can create great content to engage your readers. We know all the tricks, from hashtags to tagging others to putting pictures to words. 

Email Marketing

Are you customers, or potential customers, interested in learning more about what you do? Do you want to get more traffic to your website? We can help there! We can help you create beautiful newsletters that can keep your readers informed, and keep them thinking about you! 

Sales Funnel Service Coming Soon!

Contract and Set Up

How Long of A Contract Will I Need To Sign?

Our contracts typically run month-to-month, however, we do ask our clients to stick with us for at least 3 months. All we ask for is a 30-day cancellation notice.  

Will There Be A Set Fee?

Only time we charge a setup fee is if we are creating your social media presence from scratch. This means, creating brand new social media accounts. Otherwise, we don’t charge a setup fee. 

Service and Working Together

Who Will Be Working on My Account?

We will be! We do not outsource any of our work. Your contact is us! We talk with you throughout the month and have meetings with your and/or your team at the end of each month.

Do I Need To Provide Content?

Not necessarily!  We can provide all the research and write everything up for you! If you do already have content written up, then, of course, we will use it!

How Do You Learn My Business?

Through you! No, we’re not experts in every industry! Only ours! At the beginning of our relationship, we have an onboarding meeting. At this time, we sit down together, set goals and expectations, for both parties. We ask questions to get to know your business more, we then go back and do research on your industry, and your competitors. After all of that is done, we present you with a customized plan for your business. 


What Kind of Results Can I Expect?

For Content Marketing we judge by the following key metrics; traffic and on-site performance.  We should see these numbers increasing each month. We monitor these metrics and gauge your companies progress from month to month. 

How Often Do You Recommend Publishing New Content Each Month?

This varies with each business. Most small businesses post something new each week. However, it’s all about awareness, engagement, and traffic to your website, and each business is different. Simply, the more content you post, really, the better it is. The more chances you have to produce more results. 

How Long Are The Blogs You Write?

We normally try to limit the amount to 500 words. If you have more information you want to share, then we suggest doing a video, or a VLOG (Video Blog). We try to keep things interesting, and not lose the attention of your readers. 

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