Start Up Services

AKA…Branding Services

Branding Services

So…you’ve decided to start a business!! You’ve decided on a name, a location, you’ve taken care of all that messy legal stuff, with the IRS, Secretary of State, and whoever else you need to deal with!! Now, how do you tell the community, the city, the state, THE WORLD, that you are here??? How do you get customers to come in your door?? You probably already know that you need a logo, business cards, a website, and probably a social media page, but you may not know that certain colors make people think a certain way, or using dead space wrong on your business card can confuse people. What about drawing a logo? You may be that person that just never got that much into drawing and art.

Honestly, all of these things are normal for almost every business owner!! So, you know what, you have enough on your plate, with the beer license, health inspections, that annoying building inspector that keeps telling you can’t put up that really cool light piece made of antlers that your cousin made you!! That’s what we’re here for!!

We will sit down with you, come up with an idea of what you want your brand to look like, from colors to shapes, even to the font on your business cards, once we both have a comfortable feeling that we’re on the same page, we will go out and take care of all of your branding work for you. We will design and order your business card (upon approval…of course), buy and host your domain, build your website, and design your logo, all while you handle everything else you need to with your business. Maybe you want to advertise in a local magazine, like Entertainment Fort Smith or Do South, we can even design that ad for you.

Point is, starting a business is already hard enough, let us help you make a splash in the business community….we’re really good at making waves!!