Search Engine Optimization

Increase Awareness. Drive More Leads. Make More Sales.

Organic SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a long-term strategy which is able to give unmatched Return on Investment (ROI). With over 200 ranking factors in Google’s always-changing algorithm, it is no longer something your tech-savvy nephew can do for you. LRM understands your business is unique and your SEO strategy should be, too. We can help increase your visibility across various search engines and devices, using a unique-to-your-business approach.

Research & Analysis

A solid SEO strategy requires thorough research and planning. We will analyze your web presence up and down to make sure we bring any issues to light before your campaign begins. We will analyze your website with a fine tooth comb to ensure we uncover any issues before the campaign even begins. We will provide you with a report, which will outline all of our findings, once the research and analysis are complete.

On and Off Page

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is much more than putting keywords and meta tags on your page. We will tackle the full scope of SEO factors from schema mark up, to page content, backlinks, and more.

Measure & Improve

SEO is not a one-time thing. It takes constant attention to keep on top of the game and see that your competitors don’t pass you by. LRM will monitor and report the performance of each campaign, on a monthly basis. We will also make any and all necessary changes to keep you up with the competition.

What is Included with Organic SEO

Dedicated SEO Specialist

We’re not just going to leave you on your own to figure out the different algorithms and all the other Google Web Master mass confusion. We’ll be here with you every step of the way.

Custom Strategy

We know your business is different from your competitors, which is why we tailor each campaign to fit your business, and what strengths you have.

On-Page Optimization

Each page will have specific keywords, that makes sense to your consumers, as well as each picture/graphic will have the correct meta tag to bring more visitors to your site.

Targeted Keyword Research

Of course, if you’re a dentist, we’re not going to do anything that involves knee replacements or ingrown toenails, we’ll figure out what keywords are trending in your industry, then include those with any strong points that sets your business apart from others.

Analytics Intergration

Pretty simple, Google Analytics and a few other tools we use will be fully integrated into with your site, so we can keep track of your visitors, where they are coming from, and how they are finding you. This way we can make adjustments, as needed

Lead Generation and Call Tracking

We have programs that will track how many calls your website is bringing in, along with your Google Listing, Facebook page, and other avenues.

Link Acquistition

Backlinks are a big importance of the SEO strategy. We’ll help you to create listings on highly ranked websites, in order to help build your domain authority. Being listed in places, like your local Chamber of Commerce, the Internet Chamber of Commerce, and other online listing authorities can really help your website look more viable to the Google Algorithms.

Content Marketing

So, you can’t just list a whole bunch of keywords on Google, those web-crawlers are a lot smarter than you think. Google looks for actual content when they rank your site, so just listing over and over again, that you are a stone mason, and your work with stone, brick, and other heavy materials, will probably not catch anyone’s attention, especially Google.

Google Penalty Recovery

This topic can be a little touchy, but if you have ever been penalized by Google and it’s webmasters, we can help you get back in there. If you want to know more about this topic, please Contact Us.

Robust Reporting

So, we use several systems to report our findings, while we cannot tell you what this person was eating while they were searching for you, we can probably tell you what meal they were close or just finished when they did.

Local SEO

With today’s world, just about everyone has a computer at their fingertips-their mobile phones. Research finds 80% of consumers use their mobile phone for shopping, leading to sales 90% of the time. A majority of search engines, including Google, now include mobile users in their search results. This is why your company needs to be represented in mobile searches or local SEO. A company called ComScore recently did a study, where they found that more than 60% of location-based searched led to a purchase within a 60-minute timeframe.

Top Tier Citations

Your business name, address, and phone number are essential to having a top-tier listing in electronic databases, such as Yelp, Google+, Bing, Yahoo,, and many others. LRM can claim, update, and even list on these directories for you.


There are four primary aggregators of location data that send data to local search engines: Acxiom, Factual Infogroup, and Neustar Localeze. Similarly, Foursquare transmits location data to local search apps like Pinterest. LRM will make sure your company’s information is accurate on the local directories, which data from these aggregators each month, meaning your citations count will grow.

Niche Citations

LRM will create other listings for your company on industry-specific directories every month, or we can make sure that everything is listed on different sites at one time, for more information see our Reputation Management page.

Multi Location

LRM can manage information for multiple locations for your company. We will take the necessary time it takes to maintain accurate listing information for every location of your business, while providing you with insightful information on each.

Custom Features

LRM knows that special offers can attract new customers and repeat business. our Local SEO service optimizes you listings in multiple business directories and your special offers, so everyone can see them.

Review Monitoring

Online reviews are crucial to building trust with a potential customer. Recent studies have shown nearly 80% of people trust online reviews, almost as much as a recommendation from friends and family. We make it easy for you to monitor positive reviews from satisfied customers and intercept and respond to any negative reviews. See our Reputation Management page for more information.

What is included with Local SEO?

Optimized Good My Business Listing

We will make sure all the information on your Google Business Page is correct and keep it up to day with any changes and/or pertinent information.

Enhanced Citations on Top Tier Sites

We’ll work to get you listed on other pages that have a higher domain authority, which will, in turn, raise yours.

manually created niche & geo citations

We will find different websites and directories, in your industry, and find ways to get you listed on their sites. 

Automatic Syndication to Data Aggregrators

We will work with and other companies to make sure your messages are reaching the right audience you need to reach. It does you no good if you’re a jeweler, and you keep popping up to people looking for shovels. 

Fix Errors and Remove Duplications

The software we use will help to fix some of those annoying listings out there, which has the wrong information, like wrong closing times, websites, or address. Plus, remove any duplicate listing that are out there, too.

SEO for Google My Business Page

Believe it or not, this page has keywords that you need to enter, so that you can show up on Google.

Social Reputation Audit

We’ll look through most of your previous reviews and introduce you to our software that can help you catch those negative reviews.

Monitoring & Alerts for Online Reviews

You will receive notification everytime someone leaves a new review on one of your review sites, which lets you address things quickly.

Contextual Relevant Backlinks

Just some big words that mean, we will make sure your backlinks are to something relevant to your industry. We won’t list a gardener in directory meant for bakers…although baker’s need gardeners, too.

Detailed Reporting

This will include monthly and benchmark reports. Together, we will set goals, and when we achieve those goals we’ll let you know, and we’ll also send you monthly reports to let you know how everything is doing.