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Is Having A Website Actually Important?


Your website is one of the most important pieces of your marketing strategy. Think about it this way; When you meet someone new, whether that be a new acquaintance or a potential client, you always want to make the best first impression, right?! Your website isn’t really any different. In today’s age, your website is pretty much your first impression, you’re storefront, your BRAND! 

Think of your website as an immediate reflection of your business. Have you ever been so captivated by the design of a website that you ended up on there longer than you meant? 

Content Marketing

Some of the Content Management Systems (CMS) we use. 

Industries We Serve

B2B Marketing

Business-To-Business (B2B) is so much different than Business-To-Consumer (B2C) and you need a website that will reflect that. We use different ways to communicate with business owners and professionals then we do with the consumer. Your website can help with that while establishing a brand that others trust.

E-Commerce Store

Today’s day in time, we’re all shopping online, and the competition to get those customers has never been more intense. Having a website that has a great user experience, and fully responsive, is an absolute must-have!  

Health and Wellness Services

We only want to trust the experts when it comes to health. Your website needs to reflect the work you do, and display the beauty of your work. Whether that be a gym, cryotherapy facility, aesthetician, trainer, or other health and body related fields. Use your website to target the audience you want to work with!

Non-Profit Organization

Just like consumer websites, Non-Profit Organizations need to spread their message, as well. To that, they also need an engaging website. One that tells their story and increases their brand’s awareness. Instead of getting a consumer to donate, their goal to gain support. 

Healthcare Services

With technology where it, people are using apps and websites to schedule appointments. The question is; are you taking advantage of this? Your website needs to be completely functional to where someone can schedule an appointment just as fast as they can order a pizza!

Travel and Professional Services

Let’s face it, there are tons of travel sites out there. What distinguishes you from the rest? Does your website reflect your expertise? Can a potential client book services from straight from your website? You need a site that can turn leads into actual clients! 

Food Business

Food business would include: restaurants, cafes, bistros, coffee shops, probably even grocery stores. Now how do you make people crave your food without ever having been to your business? Photos? Videos? All The Above? Yes! You need a website that will entice your potential clientele before they ever step in the door!  

Real Estate Firms

The biggest decision a person can make is buying and selling property. The consumer needs a firm that they can trust. If your portfolio doesn’t show that, you’re probably loosing out on business. You need to make sure your website has all your property listed on it. 

Other Industries

There are tons of industries out there. We can’t necessarily name them all. If you’re a part of an industry that we didn’t mention. Reach out to us! We can still help you to reach your maxim potential and reach that target audience you’re working so hard for! 

Contract and Set Up

How Long of A Contract Will I Need To Sign?

Contract length depends on the specific services included, so this is something we would discuss about your particular project.

What Platforms Will You Use?

We look at each site differently. We base that decision on what would be best for your business. Mainly, we use WordPress, because of the functionality and versatility. We are also starting to work with Webflow, which is a newer platform, that is becoming more and more powerful, versatile, and functional each week. 

How Long Will My Current Site Be Down?

If you already have a previous site, it won’t go down until we publish the new one. We’ll build your site on a temporary domain, then redirect your URL to the new site, once finished. 

Will You Maintain My Site?

We can! We build most of our sites with the intention of handing it over to the client. If you do not have time to mess with the changes, updates, or anything else, you can use us on an “As Needed” basis, or hire us to fully manage your site. 

Service and Working Together

How Long Will It Take?

If you have a previously built website, we would need access to that site, and/or your domain’s registrar, logo files, any content you included. Once we have all this information we can start on your new website. 

What Is Hosting?

Hosting is the technology that allows consumers/potential clients to see your website. Some platforms may include hosting in their builders. Shopify, Squarespace, and Webflow are a few of the ones we use that have built-in hosting. 

What Is A Domain?

Think of it kind of like your business address. It’s a unique address that sends people to your business. You can have an address without a building, but your customers can’t get to you. The building is like your web hosting. Once you have both, customers can visit your business. 

Do I Need To Provide My Own Content and Images?

We prefer to work with any content or images you already have, but you don’t have to provide everything. We can write all the content for you. Whether that be from an outline you provide us, or just content we get from our research. We have access to tons of stock photos, and have photographers we contact with that can provide headshots, product photography, or any other photos needed.

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