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by | Dec 9, 2019 | Business

Social media is ever-growing and has multiple interactive platforms. From Facebook, to YouTube, to Snapchat, social media platforms allow consumers to directly interact with producers, or even become producers themselves. Because of this direct interaction, social media provides the perfect way to use content marketing to drive your business by drawing in new consumers. Social media has many platforms to present specific content, and as Cathy McPhillips of CMI said,

“Content is needed to drive social media.” (McPhillips, 2017)


Discover Your Plan:

For each platform of social media you are using, there should be a specific plan. This plan will allow your company to listen to the target audience, choose content the audience needs, and distribute that content effectively.


Goal of Channel 

The goal of each individual channel should be specific to the platform you are using. What is this platform generally used for? Can you effectively use this platform to reach your goal?

Desired Response 

Ask the questions: What is the intention of using the platform for content marketing? How do you want your audience to react to what you are putting out? Choose content and portray that content according to how you answered the questions.

Please the Audience

For any form of marketing, you market to an audience. Knowing your audience, what they need, and what they expect will help draw in consumers. Each social media platform will provide a different audience and different audience expectations. Are you able to match those expectations?

Determine the Tone 

Tone is a multiplicative equation based on the platform, content, and audience. All factors of the content marketing plays into the tone that your channel will be using: informative, quirky, comedic, etc.

Set the Calendar

How often should you produce content? Determine how much content should be produced and when it should be published based on the platform and audience, then publish on a regular basis.


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