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Social Strengths!

Social Strengths!

Darling, we know you’re on social media even if it’s not for business.  We all have our own personal favorite platform that we prefer to use, but where is your ideal client/customer hanging out? What are they looking for? And are you connecting with them?

Ideal Client or Customer

Many freelancers and small businesses have it beaten into them what an ideal client is – but just in case you aren’t aware, let’s take a look! (If you already have your ideal client, feel free to skip to the next section wink

 When considering your ideal client, ask the next few questions:

  1. What kind of person are they?
    1. Male or female? 
    2. Dad or mom? 
    3. Introvert or extrovert? 
    4. Many more descriptive questions can be asked!
  2. What do they do for work?
  3. Are they looking for help? 
  4. What kind of help are they looking for? 

 Having a clear consideration of who you want to work with will help you reach your ideal client quicker because you’ll know where to find them! 


Platforms To Consider

You may know the various platforms people may use to connect with their business, but do you know which one will match your ideal client the most? Utilize the following to begin marketing to the right business! 


  1. Facebook 
    1. Have you made your business page yet? Hopefully you have, and shared it with your family and friends so they might be your first customers and leave positive reviews of your work! 
    2. You’ll find almost all your ideal clients on Facebook! With over 2.89 billion ACTIVE users, you can find almost anyone. 
    3. One place you may not know to look for clients is Facebook groups! It will depend on your area of work, but there are specific groups that people utilize to look for virtual assistants, marketing pros, and graphic designers. 
    4. Ads may or may not work for your business.  If you need new clients on a regular basis or have a course to share, ads are for you! Try not to spend too much before you are making enough though, we want you to be profitable. 
  2. Instagram
    1. You can have both a business and personal page on Instagram. You’ll find more “sheprenuers” on Instagram utilizing the photo and video app.  The media targets those wanting to spend money!  
    2. There are roughly 1 billion users available! 
    3. Hashtags are one of the most popular ways people look for content that relates to them.  By utilizing 30 tags per post in an efficient manner, you can be sure to reach the appropriate audience. 
    4. Sharing useful information on Instagram will help your ideal client determine you’re the best fit for the job! 
  3. LinkedIn 
    1. LinkedIn houses 774+ million users 
    2. Using LinkedIn is predominately for the more professional businesses.  While some small businesses are using LinkedIn, most of the time you’re going to find the larger companies utilizing the business platform. 
    3. You can still share relevant help, content, and updates on LinkedIn to bring in new followers! You’re also able to share your current services and promote yourself easily. 


Whatcha Doooooing??

You already know what you’re doing for work, but it depends who you’re wanting to find to work with and the budget you’re expecting to receive. 

 Facebook is great if you’re in the right groups for your ideal client.  Finding the right groups will take time, and many times you’ll be competing against 100 (or more!) other people for the same job.  

 Instagram’s hashtag usage allows your ideal client to find and follow you! It can take a lot longer to build on the relationship, but by showing up consistently you’ll earn their trust.  Don’t give away too much of your secrets but just enough to show that you’re a capable business owner. 

 LinkedIn, as mentioned above, is for the more professional and larger companies.  Don’t let this stop you, because you’ll still be  writing your own rules, but the budget will be much larger! 


Most Importantly

Even though this is our last point, I think it is the most important: interact!!! You want to give more than you take.  This frequent phrase means if someone asks for advice, willingly give it.  If you see a post you resonate with or that asks a question, answer it! The more active you are, the more clients are going to see your face, reminding them that you’re available to help them. 

 If you are looking to hire a small business owner, please feel free to contact us! Even if it’s not on our menu, I’m more than sure we can put you in contact with a great assistant.