University of Arkansas Fort Smith student Stephanie Long has earned quite a bit of attention for her company,  The Cake Occasion. Stephanie is from Springdale and has only been in Fort Smith (so far) for college. Here at LRM, we’re hoping she sticks around!
In high school, Stephanie broke her foot, so much so she had to have a toe reconstructed! To keep from being bored at home while she healed, she started baking. What started as something just for fun turned into friends asking her to bake for them. These friends then started encouraging her to start selling her goods. The Cake Occasion officially began when Stephanie was only 18!

Stephanie took culinary classes through Northwest Arkansas Community College (NWACC) before transferring to UAFS to pursue a Bachelor’s in Business Administration and is expected to graduate in May 2019. She is really involved on campus too, she’s an ambassador for the College of Business, she’s involved with the Campus Activities Board, Lion’s ROAR, and will be starting with the Alumni Association’s Mentor Connection program this semester. Stephanie is also applying for the James Beard Foundation’s Women in Culinary Leadership Program whose goal is to “provide women the opportunity to enhance their leadership skills so they can become executive chefs and/or restaurateurs”. Should she get in, she will have a top industry leader as a mentor.

Stephanie was recently interviewed by John Post, the Director of Public Information at UAFS. She told John, “I like the idea of starting businesses, making them sustainable, and then moving on to another one […] But I still want to be part of all my businesses. It’s not all about the money for me. I take pride in the transactions with my customers and making it personalized. I love baking for people and I want to continue doing it.” Stephanie told us she has plans to open a wedding venue along with other business ideas, each one connecting in one way or another to each other. This girl definitely has the makings of a serial entrepreneur, and that’s something to be proud of! Anyone that has started a business knows how difficult it can be, and wanting to start all over means you have a real passion for the work!

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