You know when you have an idea for a business, but have no idea what to do next or how much money it would take? It’s a scary feeling isn’t it? Luckily, there are businesses out there designed to help you figure this out, and will be by your side the rest of the time too. This is exactly what ValueMetrik is here for. Anything you need, from bookkeeping, to accounting, to consulting, ValueMetrik has your back. ValueMetrik is there to “provide the leadership, guidance, and expertise your business needs to drive higher profits and increase in value.” They offer a free consultation to help people figure out the next step they need to take.


ValueMetrik was formed in May 2008 to “help small businesses perform better, grow bigger, and become stronger through efficient financial management”. The owner, Darren Brewer, grew up in Van Buren before joining the Air Force. Before starting ValueMetrik, he had was a CPA for 10 years and a banker for 10 years; a combination that helped push him toward opening his own business. He knew when he started this journey that he wanted to be more than a CPA, he wanted to help business owners push their company to be the best it could be. Darren knew the needs of the small business community from his time as a CPA and banker, and used his knowledge and passion to start consulting businesses. “If we aren’t helping them grow, we aren’t doing our job.”


Darren loves it here in Fort Smith, it’s where he’s raising a family, it’s his home. But not only is the area great for him personally, it’s good for his business too. There are a lot of small businesses here in the River Valley, and there are always more popping up. He said, “if I can stay busy here in this market, there’s no need to stretch myself”. One thing that Darren wishes people would do is to look into financial consulting when they’re first starting, or thinking about starting, their business instead of waiting until they think they need it.


Something that you may not know about Darren, he’s part of an amazing nonprofit called Be Extraordinary which was formed in 2013. The mission of Be Extraordinary is “to promote the quality of life of people with severe disabilities through the effective use of technology to achieve life goals.” They team up with technical experts to create custom solutions to help people with disabilities to communicate, control computers, and more. You should definitely check them out at their website below!


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