Why Branding Matters

by | Jan 16, 2020 | Business

What is Branding?

Branding is every single thing about your company. To put in simple terms, your brand is literally your company. Everything that the world knows about your company is part of your brand. Your logo, your products, your slogans, everything. And branding doesn’t just end with marketing, it’s all about your company’s personality and background story. These aspects are all part of your brand. 

Why does Branding Matter?

  1. Having a consistent brand logo will help consumers recognize your company. It’s important for consumers and companies to build trust with each other, so having a brand that is recognizable and familiar to consumers will help to establish that trust. 
  2. Another reason why branding matters is that if a company has a strong brand, it will reap more financial advantages. The better the brand, the more money the company makes. 
  3. Your company’s brand will also help to set you apart from competitors. Consumers notice corporate competition, so making sure your brand is the best will help the consumers choose you over your competitors. 
  4. If you have loyal employees that truly care about your company, they will work harder and be more inspired to protect your brand. 
  5. Branding gains new customers. Your current satisfied customers will spread the word about your company because they know the brand. Let’s say the product you sell is phone cases. There are tons of companies that sell phone cases, so you have a lot of competition. But if one of your customers tells their friend about this awesome new phone case they got, they will tell them the brand in order to set your company apart. This is how branding can help you to gain more customers.

Tips for Branding:

  • Have a unique logo that catches the eye.
  • Consistency is key, keep the appearance of your products consistent.
  • Use color psychology. This can help you to reach the audience you want.
  • Know your audience. What age group? What are they interested in? What will draw them in?
  • Broadcast your story. This can make your business seem more reliable to consumers.
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