Terri Hargrove, the owner of Yogaterrium, has been teaching since 2012 and opened her own studio in July of 2015. She teaches most of the classes herself but has a rotation of 7 to 8 instructors that help out when needed. Before yoga, she worked a lot of retail/sales positions before deciding to go her own way and open Yogaterrium. Terri had already been teaching for five years before she opened her studio, and felt a push to open her own. She already had a following and saw an opportunity to do more than just yoga. She has slowly expanded her studio to be more of a community center than anything. Terri’s studio offers tai chi, mommy and me, and meditation classes and does sound healing, flute and drum circles, and much more. She also sells merchandise by Soul Flower, which is made from sustainable resources here in the US and offers training for other yoga instructors, as well as retreats.

Terri is very involved in the community, both personally and as a business owner. Each month she raises money for a different local charity, with one class per week being donation based to raise funds and awareness for that charity. She’s currently working on three community libraries, which are decorated by local artists including Ana Maria. One is at the Janet Huckabee Nature Center, one will be at the Garrison Commons downtown, and the third at Yeager’s on Jenny Lind.

Terri is also an art lover. She got involved with the River Valley Artisan Market and realized how many artists there were in the area that offer affordable artwork. Every two months you’ll find more of this artwork on the studio walls and shelves available for purchase, with all of the proceeds going right back to the artist.

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